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Spirit Bridge Collaborative

Holistic psychedelic integration and support services
beyond the clinical framework.

What is the Spirit Bridge collaborative?

A resource for psychedelic integration, education, and harm reduction, dedicated to promoting holistic approaches that go beyond the clinical practice, including earth-based, somatic, arts-focused, shamanic, spiritual, and whole-person-centered modalities.


Psychedelic Support Practitioner Directory


We host a highly curated directory of practitioners offering psychedelic support services outside of the clinical framework.  Our selected practitioners are committed to diversity and experienced in a variety of modalities that prioritize whole-person approaches and diverse ways of learning and knowing.


Q.  What are entheogens?


Entheogens, also referred to as sacred medicines, are substances, usually of plant origin, ingested to achieve a non-ordinary state of consciousness, and used for personal growth and/or spiritual development. The term is often used instead of "psychedelics" to denote mindful, intentional use, as opposed to casual or recreational use.

Q.  What services do you offer?


Each practitioner member of the Spirit Bridge Collective brings their own wisdom and knowledge to their offerings.  Services range from one-on-one sessions, self-paced classes, online & in-person workshops, group sessions, retreats, and virtual offerings.  Please take a look at our Practitioner Directory to find the right person to support your process of unfolding.

Q.  How are practitioners chosen?

We have an application process for prospective practitioners that feel called to become be part of the Spirit Bridge Collaborative.  We select practitioners who are established in their field, demonstrate a strong grounding on ethical practices, and have deep training and experience to support the needs of individuals working with sacred medicines.  Apply here!


Thanks for subcribing.  We will be in touch soon.

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