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Spirit Bridge 
Psychedelic Support Collaborative

Our Vision

The Pyschedelic Integration Collaborative will be the premier resource for psychedelic integration, education and harm reduction, dedicated to promoting holistic approaches that go beyond clinical work, including earth-based, somatic, arts-focused, shamanic, spiritual, and others. 


Our Values

We are committed to the values of equity, reciprocity, collaboration, and access.  We honor the traditional modalities, ancestral technologies, and indigenous peoples that have safeguarded and developed psychedelic knowledge and wisdom for countless generations. We adhere to ethical standards of practice specifically designed to support expanded states.

Our Offerings

At launch, we will offer the following services to our members:

  • A curated practitioner directory

  • Monthly peer supervision meetings

  • Access to events and continuing education

However, our aim is to build a professional network of practitioners, where we can build on our individual gifts and create a community that amplifies our reach. 


As we grow, we would like to offer the following services to our members: 

  • Operations and marketing support

  • Opportunities for collaboration and joint programming

  • Tools for delivering educational experiences

  • Resources for standards and best practices regarding legal and ethical issues of working with psychedelics

  • A platform for increasing visibility of approaches to the intentional use of psychedelics beyond the clinical model

  • A Community for practitioners operating in the psychedelic space

  • Opportunities for mentorship, peer support, and supervision

  • Guidelines for conflict resolution and ethical practice

  • Opportunities for continuing education

Our Offerings

Apply to join the collaborative

We are seeking experienced practitioners to join our community.  Join us in co-creating the future of psychedelic support beyond the clinical model. 


If your application is accepted, there is a $75 charge to help cover administration and startup costs.  Eventually, we will most likely charge membership dues or offer a menu of services members can subscribe to.  All members will be invited to participate in creating a product offering and pricing structure.

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