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Ana-Alicia Montano, MA

I meet people where they're at; different people will call for different approaches. I blend the different things I have studied and cater it to the individual's needs. I do a lot of embodiment work - assisting people to get them back into their bodies and ground what they've learned in their experiences.

My Story

One of my older brothers died in a car accident when I was 9. Amidst my pain and struggle with his death, this lead me on a journey of self discovery, growth, and transformation. It awoke the passions of my soul to become a psycho-spiritual guide & coach. It has led me to study death, entheogens, Eastern theories, Carl Jung. It inflamed my fascination (borderline obsession) of exploring transpersonal states of consciousness, specifically through the use of entheogenic medicines. I believe these substances are our allies from both the Earth & Cosmos. They are incredible tools that possess great power that we can truly benefit from when respected and used with reverence. My brother's transition continues to inspire and guide me and my life's work.

My Training

  • MA East-West Psychology ICF Certification

  • TICC - Trauma Informed Coach

  • Reiki Masters from Vibrant Reiki SF

  • Psychedelic Integration Coach from Psyched Soul (Shiri M. Godasi) In progress -

  • Hakomi Certification from the Hakomi Institute of California.

  • Kambo practitioner

  • Apprentice (2017 to 2020), Don Jose, Ayahuasquero

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