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Dayana Mendoza


As Co-Founder of Heal the Heroes, I provide trauma-informed support to individuals working with ancestral plant medicine in a ceremonial setting and as a yoga and meditation teacher.  I support people through coaching for personal development and transformation. My main focus is preparing folx for safe practices, making sure is in alignment with their process, and guiding them with the educating on natural healing modalities.  I also provide integration support and after the experience.

My Story

My story feels like a movie.  I grew up a homeless child at the age of 12 in Bogota, Colombia. My mother and grandmother passed away leaving me to figure out life on my own. So I decided to become a butcher at the age of12.  I became the owner of my own business by the age of 15. My life experience was very chaotic, with lots of trauma and self-sabotage. Finally, by my mid 20's I hit my awaking when I realize I had the power of choice.After reading The Secret and going through a heart chakra opening, my life drastically changed. Now I dedicate myself to supporting my clients' transformation, personal development, and healing. I live to be of service to myself and others. Working with ancestral medicine I've discovered my purpose

My Training

  • Certified reiki healer

  • Reconnection healer

  • Microwaska certified facilitator (Peru)

  • Peer support specialist

  • Certify life coach

  • Psychedelic Meditation (Trip app)

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