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Isabel Santis, PhD(C)

I help my clients prepare for and make meaning of their entheogenic experiences and implement life changes that align with their emerging values.   This process of self-discovery uses guided visualization, creative expression, movement, dreamwork, nature activities, and deep reflection to expand on and uncover insights and lessons from their expanded states of consciousness.  I draw on my training in training Depth Psychology, Ecopsychology, and Expressive Art Therapy to support my clients' process.  Let me help you bring your gifts to the world!

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My Story

I began studying expanded states of consciousness after a dream that changed my life when I was 25.  I had no framework for processing my experience, and it launched me into what I now understand to be a spiritual emergency.  The experience prompted me to seek support from a Jungian therapist who helped me piece the pieces of my dream into a transformative narrative of initiation.  From that moment on, I have been fascinated with the process of integration. For me, integration begins with preparation.  It also involves engaging with the medicine during expanded states in a collaborative process, and anchoring positive experiences somatically so they can be accessed later.  Finally, integration includes both meaning-making and implementing changes, new habits, and behaviors into our daily lives so we can manifest the reality of our soul's contract.

My Training

  • PhD Candidate in East-West Psychology, with a concentration on expanded states of consciousness and Ecopsychology, CIIS (California Institute of Integral Studies)

  • MA, Transformative Leadership, CIIS

  • Ecopsychology Post-Graduate Certificate, Pacifica Graduate Institute

  • Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy practitioner, The Embody Lab

  • Certified Trauma-Informed Coach, Moving the Human Spirit

  • Certified Positive Psychology Coach, Positive Acorn and Wholebeing Institute

  • Arts Facilitation Methodology, Harambee Arts

  • Training in dreamwork, shamanic practices, art therapy, and Holotropic Breathwork

  • Elders Council, Sacred Garden Community, Entheogenic Sacrament Church

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