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Mike Coe, MS

I provide psychedelic-friendly support for Veterans returning to civilian life. I am a holistic coach who works with the heart, mind, body, and soul.  I use improv comedy, mindfulness, martial arts, movement, storytelling, and nature-based activities to co-create individualized practices, exercises, and experiences to support my clients.  I believe that coaching may be challenging at times and that it doesn’t have to suck.

My Story

Having retired from the US Air Force as a Lieutenant Colonel after a 22-year career, I know first-hand that the transition to civilian life brings both opportunities and challenges. Over the course of10-years, I developed my own transition program that actually works, and that provided the required skills that the military Transition program does not offer. In 2019 I started Vets, At Ease to coach other Veterans during and after their own transitions. I understand the hesitance Veterans may have around working with psychedelics because he had those thoughts myself, and can personally attest to the healing potential of these medicines. My nephews have ranked me the #1 Uncle Mike (of 1) for 9 years straight. I live in San Francisco and ride my bike everywhere.

My Training

  • Pursuing PhD in East-West Psychology (California Institute of Integral Studies)

  • Certified Master Somatic Coach (Strozzi Institute)

  • Certified Leadership Embodiment Coach (Leadership Embodiment Institute)

  • Certified Leadership Coach (Georgetown University)

  • Graduate of 2 Improv Acting Training Academies (Laughtrack Theater, Washington Improv Theater)

  • BS in Environmental Science (University of Delaware)

  • MS in Project Management (Florida Institute of Technology)

  • MS in Strategy (National Defense University)

Book a session with Mike

To book an introductory session with Mike, please send him an email at or call him at 803-315-5724.

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