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Nicole Lilly

Nicole provides education and support for personal development through a holistic embodied framework. She has been in the Healing Arts for 12 years, and holds a Masters in Body Psychotherapy from Naropa University along with a license in massage therapy. She skillfully helps to prepare, guide, and integrate journeys into expanded states of consciousness with botanical allies, such as sacred mushrooms. Nicole is a national presenter, teacher, and facilitator in the entheogenic space. She offers online group learning immersions through her education and inspiration platform, The Luminous Guide. Nicole was a Registered Psychotherapist in CO for 6 years, which included training and practice of trauma therapy using Ketamine

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How she works

Nicole works out of Denver, Colorado, where psychedelics have recently been decriminalized.  She offers a 6-week online live class immersion - Embodied Journey Foundations: The Art of Self-Guided Journeys.  She also offers a self-paced course, with a live hybrid option.


Nicole provides Individual Shamanic Journey sessions, which have primarily been occurring in-person in Denver (though hybrid remote-in person is available). This ranges from a 6-week (single half-day session + pre-post) to 3-month container (half day, full day, pre-post support), depending upon the individual.  In her 1:1 work, she typically works by creating an individualize container (minimum 6 hours) for education, consulting and support for personal healing and growth. This container can also include guidance for work with entheogens.


She brings together many modalites, with a particular specialized focus and training in somatics through a trauma-informed lens. Somatic, Spiritual / Transpersonal, Energywork, Bodywork, Creative Process, Parts/Archetypes, Elemental, Yoga Therapy, Shamanic Practices

Her Training

  • Psychedelic Sitters training 2015, Medicinal Mindfulness.

  • 2 long-weekend training sessions through Moments of Awe, plus group ceremonial support 2018-2019.

  • Ketamine and Cannabis-Assisted Psychotherapy Training, Externshipm, and Staff Therapist through Innate Path 2019.

  • Sitting for Psychonauts, Tam Integration 2020.

  • Experiential Mentorship in Mushroom Healing with Shonagh Home 2020-Present (primary mentor, emphasis on Celtic lineage).

  • Led a pilot guide training in 2020.

  • 3-day Zapotec Ceremony through Maliollin in San Jose Del Pacifico 2021.

  • Direct experience as psychedelic support provider 2018-Present.

  • Plus a lot of self-directed study, development, and teaching.

  • Many other trainings that are not specific to psychedelics in yoga, somatics, trauma, massage therapies, shamanic practices, spiritual development, energy healing.

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