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Phoenix McGregor

I am here to be of service to those who choose the sacred path of entheogenic medicine in their quest for healing, transformation, and wholeness. I offer a unique practice of Soul Archeology, where I alchemize my two decades of experience as a licensed psychologist with my gifts of insight, presence, and cosmic understanding. My work is ceremonial, spiritual, intuitive, visionary, and relies on magic, while also being informed by my traditional education. My work is heavily influenced by IFS, Jungian concepts, Attachment theory, Eastern philosophies and the work of Dr. Gabor Mate. 


I’m based in Southern California, and I travel across the country practicing as a psychedelic medicine preparation and integration guide and sacred witness to your journey. I also establish Sisterhood circles to empower women to awaken their divine feminine and embody their true power via supportive connections and rites of passage influenced by esoteric practices.

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My Story

After growing up in a traumatic and chaotic family and environment, I decided to go into psychotherapy as a career at a young age. I received my Clinical Psychology degree and license in 1999. I spent most of my career working for the Detroit Community Mental Health system inside of psychiatric hospitals as a clinician and a supervisor. After 20 years in practice I was called to plant medicine to do my own personal work and experienced a spiritual awakening. I was completely transformed and able to heal generational trauma with both my mother and my daughter. Very quickly after my awakening I knew I had to shift my energy to a path practicing outside of the “mental health” system entirely to share this amazing gift with others. 


In order to prepare for this transition, I completed training in the use of legal psychedelics (cannabis and ketamine) in concert with somatic psychotherapy to release personal, epigenetic, and ancestral trauma from the body-mind-spirit. I’ve also pursued training in the wisdom of the spiritual side of these experiences as essential initiatory rites of passage. My own personal work with entheogens is ongoing and continuously informs my practice.

My Training

  • MS, Clinical Psychology, Eastern Michigan University

  • Navigating Psychedelics for Clinicians and Practitioners, Psychedelics Today

  • Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapist certification, Psychedelic Somatic Institute

  • Medicine Keeper Immersion Initiation, Mystery School

  • Sitting for Psychonauts, Tam Integration

  • Holy Fire: Resurrecting the Deep Feminine, Deep Feminine Mystery School

  • Thai Massage Certification, Surya Thai Massage and Bodywork

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