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Sara Morrill

I facilitate spaces where individuals can release old stories and patterns through kambo ceremonies and specialized bodywork. Kambo is a highly intelligent Amazonian treatment (Phyllomedusa bicolor frog secretion) that can take you on a transformational journey towards healing, de-conditioning old patterns, and freedom. Through bodywork treatments, I help people who have suffered severance from the body due to physical trauma, injuries, accidents, or illnesses integrate on all levels.

My Story

My inner journey physical illnesses reached a point that I had no other choice but to listen to my body.  I was led down many pathways of healing: meditation, yoga, Ayurvedic medicine, and sacred plant medicines taking me from the Bolivian Amazon to the Indian Himalayas. Over the years I healed many illnesses considered to be incurable by Western doctors, from severe food allergies to chronic shoulder dislocations. I developed a deep connection with my own inner knowing and learned to communicate with the many layers of the body.

My Training

  • BA in Peace Studies and Spanish Language from Whitworth University

  • RYT (200hr) Yoga Alliance: Dhyan Mandir Ashram (Rishikesh, India)

  • Hale Pule Marma Point & Bodywork (Kauai)

  • 600 hr Hale Pule Ayurvedic Health Counselor (Kauai)

  • Shamanic Apprenticeship with Wara Wara Puma (Bolivia)

  • Kambo International Practitioner Training

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