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Tony Nguyen

As Co-Founder and ceremony guide of Heal the Heros, I provide integral coaching, integration support, and a supportive community for people working with sacred medicines.  Heal the Heros provides a sacred container of space to heal from trauma and adversities through practicing all natural healing modalities and working with sacred plant medicines in a ceremonial setting with the accommodations of an all inclusive retreat. We prepare you prior to the retreat experience by revising your diet and energy protection. Upon arrival we provide education on energy, chakras, breath, nutrition and sacred medicines. 

My Story

I was born in Richmond California.  In addition to my integration work, I am a Firefighter for the Richmond Fire Department. The honor and blessing is mine to protect and serve the community I am from. I have worked as a first responder for over 13 years, responding to all the 911 calls of the community. There was a point where I coped from my emotional baggage with alcohol and other substances. My addiction had the best of me and brought me to a very low point in life. Sacred Plant Medicine changed the trajectory of my life. They showed me the origins of my emotions while simultaneously relinquishing my addictions. From that point I became a student and dove deep into establishing a relationship with the medicines.

My Training

  • CPR certified

  • Firefighter 1 certified

  • EMT certified

  • Paramedic Certified

  • Shaman apprentice for the last 4 years

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