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Veronica Hernandez, PhD(C) 

I provide spiritual counseling, shamanic practices, and psychedelic integration services. I work in the fields of spiritual counseling, shamanic healing, and the arts.  My practice draws on the Shipibo and wider Andean traditions of Peruvian shamanism, Jungian theory, and eco-therapy practices. 


The traditions I work with define health as a state of balance between spirit, soul, and body, where the sacred, the psyche, and the physical dimensions of the individual are harmonized through consciously engaging in practices that can help connect us to the natural world in a way that evokes its sacredness.

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My Story

I received my Clinical Psychology degree and license in my native Peru. After 15 years in clinical practice as a psychotherapist, researcher, and social worker, I transitioned outside of the clinical setting to work as a spiritual counselor and shamanic practitioner.  I received her clinical training at the Institute of Rational-Emotive Therapy, New York, under the supervision of Dr. Albert Ellis. In Peru, I worked as Assistant Professor at the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia and as Research Assistant at the Hospital Psiquiátrico Noguchi de Lima. In the United States, she worked as a Social Services Clinician at John Muir Health Hospital’s Inpatient Psychiatric Adolescent Unit, California. I recently completed my doctoral degree at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), San Francisco.  My doctoral research focuses on the healing and transformative benefits of entheogens, especially Ayahuasca.

My Training

  • Ph.D. in East-West Psychology with a concentration on the healing and transformative power of psychedelics, specifically Ayahuasca.

  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Peru

  • Clinical training at The Institute of Rational Emotive Therapy in New York supervised by Albert Ellis

  • SAT with Claudio Naranjo

  • Certified ChacraDance practitioner

  • Clinical Interpretation for Spanish/ English training and work

Book a session with Veronica

To book an introductory session with Veronica, please email her at

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